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Some believe in God, some in the Devil, some in a Higher Power, some in themselves, but everybody in something, even atheists. Faith has been placed in our hearts permanently, it only looks for the object to satisfy that longing. Even the wealthiest person is not happy, if he has no faith. Next I will tell my own story about how I found fullness in my life. It gave birth to faith, which created happiness. This cannot be achieved with money or power of any kind.


I was only 14 as I contemplated a lot about those things, which many people start to think about only on their deathbed. Although everything is fine in my life, why do I feel so empty? How could such a world so delicately planned and created be born from the Big Bang? Does a human being have a mission in his/her life? Where shall I go, when I die? I did not find answers from school books, on biology or geography lessons, no matter how much I argued with the teachers. It was difficult to believe opinions of other people, or results of scientific research, which are changing all the time overthrowing each other again and again.


One evening I found something wonderful! I had not planned anything. I only went with my mother, to please her, to a gospel evening in the Old Church in Tampere. The atmosphere was warmer than in the usual service. The pastor delivered a speech, which hit my inner being like an arrow. I had just been thinking about that stuff, and now I heard a stranger talking about it. In the end of his speech the man said: Those who earnestly want to take this road and give him- or herself completely to Jesus, should step forward. And I went there. I was terribly shy by my character, but now I only felt that I wanted to step forward and find the way of life, to know the truth. It was unbelievable, but I found what I had been looking for. After that night I had to learn a lot in my life, because I did not immediately join any church in order to grow in faith, but my innermost received the truth, in which I believe even more than in myself.

Now I believe that God created man and world, the beautiful nature and the flowers, the colourful fish and the dinosaurs. Now I know what is the purpose of my life in this world: To find the way to everlasting life, Jesus, the only way to God, and to work as a  'lightbringer' here in this darkening world, that people who want to find the truth, could find it through the witness of me and other 'lightbringers'. The fear of death and its great puzzle was solved. Death is the gate to eternity: For those who believe in the Son of God, the gates of Heaven are opened, but for those who did not want to accept Him as their Saviour, gates of hell are opened. The body stays in the grave, but the spirit arises up.

Knowing the truth made me free and happy. The only thing  still  weighing my heart is to be certain that all of the people I know, relatives, friends and family members, are on the way to Heaven. Blessed is he, who believes in me, even if he does not see', Jesus said.






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