Welcome to a display round to two Rescue Centres in Spain


I have already acquired 5 homeless dogs from Spain, but not until now I could for the first time visit two kennels in Spain: S.O.S. Rescue Centre for Dogs and P.A.D. Kennel, where also a department for homeless cats is found. Both places tore my heart, and told about the thing that many people vent their bad feeling to those weaker then themselves: animals, who never deserve it. And also, how other people in every way try to help the animal victims.


S.O.S Rescue Centre

S.O.S Rescue Centre is located in Mijas Costa, Costa del Sol in Spain.

There are more than 200 dogs in the kennel, though there would be enough room for much fewer dogs. The founder of the kennel, Kim Halliwell, would not leave one needy dog to suffer in the streets.

The first scene from S.O.S. kennel. The dogs wait, that someone would give notice on them and would give tenderness. Voluntaries help in taking the dogs out and cleaning the kennel etc. Many voluntaries have come from Sweden, Finns and others are wished to join the team! Read more from here.



There are own small enclosures for the puppies. They can be adopted in three months´ age, because then all necessary vaccinations have been given to the puppies for the adoption. Puppies are aimed to give to adoption from the kennel as soon as possible, because often puppies do not bear the conditions in the kennel. Many puppies die soon after they have been brought to the kennel, because they are too weak to overcome the cruel handlings they have experienced. Puppies have been found in poor shape in garbage cans, riversides, plastic bags.


This puppy did not know, in which ways it would have gathered affection for itself, as it finally was taken to the lap of a human being. Often its own mother has died or cannot be found.

People easily take a cute puppy, but give it up, when the puppy grows big. The responsibility and caring for pets in Spain is still undeveloped.


This sweet puppy yelped all the time that I spent in the kennel. It had severe pain, though it was under medication all the time.

Sick puppies are tried to make healthy with medicine and care. They are in their own enclosure, so that they do not infect other dogs. Some of them recover and make it, some die. Looking at the suffering puppies, I could not understand the cruelty of those people, who can leave these helpless puppies dying without food and drink in plastic bags.


The kennel gives information about its work on popular market days. Passing the place, I could not help stopping by the info spot. English voluntaries working in the kennel had found on the riverbank 5 small spaniel puppies. They had been left there to die, but luckily God lead   friends of animals to the place.

Some friendly women, who work as voluntaries on S.O.S. kennel, immediately give puppies something to eat.


Dogs for sponsoring

In the kennel also sick adult dogs are cared for. Some of them are healed, and get the possibility to get adopted, but if dogs have some incurable disease, such as leismania, they stay in the kennel. In that case, sponsors are sought for them, who can sponsor the life in the kennel. Some voluntaries adopt sick dogs for themselves, because they are used to ways to treat sick dogs.

This sick dog is getting better. She has medicine in her eyes


As an example of cruel handling of dogs can be mentioned a dog, who had been kept in a small place in scorching sunlight its whole life. The result was a severe skin cancer. Now it moved indoors with a coat on. Luckily one of the voluntaries wanted to take it as her own dog with her to her home in Sweden.


This dog got a new home from Germany


God has created the nature and animals for us, so that we would care for them, and He has created the dog to be a friend to human beings. A dog cannot understand, that it is rejected to the street from its owner´ s family. Friends of dogs aim in every way to catch the dogs left to the streets with different baits and food. So works S.O.S and P.A.D., but to the so-called “killing kennel” in Malaga about 100 dogs are brought every week. That amount of dogs is killed every week, sometimes with the most cruel ways.

Dogs for adoption

I have been able to adopt already 5 dogs from Spain. Every dog has been a great joy to me and my family. It has taken a couple of days to feel at home for most dogs, a week for some. And what is the best: How wonderful it is to give a home to a dog, whose life has been sheer misery. In four cases I have adopted an adult dog. In contrary to different claims, an adult dog can be trained the same way as a puppy. In choosing an adult dog, you already see better, what kind of nature and habits it has, otherwise than when choosing a puppy. Adoption is easy nowadays, as there is no quarantine in EU countries, and associations do nearly everything for you. Flight sponsors even bring the dogs to a Finnish airport for you.


If you are interested in the adoption of dogs from Spain, you get information and guidance example from S.O.S or P.A.D Rescue Centers.


“Notice me”. Every dog wants to get at least some attention, as we go by them in the kennel.


You can find dogs for every taste. There are big, middle-sized and small ones. There are thoroughbred dogs, cross-bred ones, puppies and adult dogs.




There were many big cages side by side in the kennel, where dogs who get along together are placed. They had now water and food, but for some time ago there was a serious lack of water. S.O.S. Kennel would need donators, in order to get water, food and an own animal clinic for the dogs. Now the operation, vaccination and care costs 295€ per dog, an own animal clinic would be therefore cheaper. All the kennels have the same need.


Waiting for... somebody


English friends of animals, Edi and Barbara Griffiths also keep P.A.D. kennel. We were allowed to visit their kennel and interview about the demanding work.

Kittens need somebody to hold them

As well as P.A.D. and S.O.S. fetch dogs from the Malaga “killing kennels” to their own kennels always as there is room, to save at least some dogs. P.A.D. kennel also has a department for cats. The amount of homeless cats is manifold in the streets of Spain.


I got something small and cute with me from my kennel visits. To Finland travelled with us ´Jack Russell mix´ as a present for my mother.

I recommend!